Are You Excited?

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The return of JESUS CHRIST is a vital part of GOD’S redemptive plan for humanity. That’s why the event was foretold by prophets, proclaimed by angels, and taught by JESUS and the apostles. In fact, more Old Testament passages are devoted to CHRIST’S second coming than to HIS first. And in the New Testament, the LORD mentions HIS return more frequently than HE speaks of HIS death.

The second coming defeats Satan’s earthly reign and establishes CHRIST’S kingdom of peace and righteousness in its place. Saints from all the ages will be gathered together to reign with the LORD. And the FATHER wants us to be excited and hopeful about JESUS’ return, recognizing it as the culmination of HIS plan for the world. In order to keep our hope alive, Scripture tells us what to expect, though we don’t know the exact timing.

Are you eagerly anticipating CHRIST’S return, or do you seldom think about it? The apostle John warns us not to love the world or the things it contains, because they are passing away (1 John 2:15-17). Instead, we are to long for our SAVIOR’S return and rejoice in HIS coming kingdom.

GOD Bless You ✝️

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